Self taught.  My artwork is inspired by nature and the great outdoors.  I have been painting since January 2014.  In that time I have painted over 70+ pieces!  Working in a corporate world, I find that "art is my calm".  When I  paint or sketch, I get lost in my creations.  My mind is clear.  It is an outlet to express expose myself.  I have always had an interest in art.  A lifetime ago, I used to draw.  Over the years my expression was suppressed due to life, work, raising my son and other commitments.  And as it happens, we all go through life events that cause us to look at ourselves and to find an escape, a distraction, so in January 2014, I started painting!  It was my therapy.  I experienced a sense of calm and my expression in my art made me happy.  


I hope that you enjoy viewing my artwork as much as I enjoy creating it!

If interested in purchasing a piece or commissioning for artwork please contact me.  Prints of some of my artwork are available.  Click the Facebook icon below to go to my page for more information.  Thank you!

Vicki Frasco - My Humble Beginnings